Schraubenlose verbindungsklemme

Screwless connecting terminal


An essentially Z-shaped contact insert (1) is arranged in an insulating housing, on which insert (1) two mutually opposite connection regions (2, 8) are provided for conductor ends which are to be inserted. Each connecting region (2, 8) has a supporting surface (11, 12) and a flat clamping spring (4, 10). One (12) of the two supporting surfaces is provided on the centre section (7) of the connecting web (5) of the two limbs (3, 9), and the associated clamping spring (10) is fastened to an end section (20), which is bent outwards obliquely, of the second limb (9). The clamping spring (10) is preferably divided into at least two clamping tongues, one clamping tongue (19) forming part of a third connecting region (16) whose supporting surface (18) is constructed on the second limb (9) of the contact insert (1). <IMAGE>




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