Connecting contact device


The invention relates to a connecting contact device (1) which has at least one elastic contact spring (3', 3'') which is arranged in an insulating material body (2). The contact spring (3', 3'') has a wire retaining opening (16), adjacent to which there is a clamping slot (17). An insertion opening (18, 19) is arranged in the insulating material body (2) and, when the contact spring (3', 3'') is in the unstressed condition, is arranged, for example, underneath the wire retaining opening (16). The insertion opening (for example 19) of the insulating material body (2) and the wire retaining opening (16) of the contact spring (for example 3'') can be moved into an aligned position by pressing the contact spring (3', 3'') down by means of a simple tool, such as a screwdriver, after which a wire can be pushed into the insertion opening (19) and into the retaining opening (16). The clamping slot (17) is forced over the pushed-in wire by pressing the contact spring (3'') back into its unstressed position, the insulation being cut through and the contact spring making contact with the copper conductor of the wire. <IMAGE>




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